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Replicating a Full Site

For large sites, it is faster to migrate the site to the target server manually, and then convert the site to a target server using a CommonSpot tool designed for this purpose, versus trying to run a full replication. This will eliminate the need for an initial full replication, allowing for the first replication to be done incrementally. See the PaperThin knowledge base for articles describing this process.

The server must be able to communicate with itself using its own hostname/IP address using the HTTP protocol.

When creating the target site, a unique hosting customer record should be used. The user’s datasource on the target server should not be shared with other sites.

Both the authoring and target servers must be running the same version of CommonSpot.

Post-replication hooks are available for performing custom actions, such as email notifications or custom error processing. See the Developer’s Guide for additional information on custom hooks.


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