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To help you streamline and better manage the JavaScript and CSS libraries you rely on to generate your pages, CommonSpot includes features to help you easily identify external resources required by custom code (such as base templates, custom scripts, render handlers, and custom field types) and manage how they are loaded.

These features make it easier to centrally view and update available resources, optimize resource load order, handle and prevent duplicate loads, and simplify the addition of new library versions as they become available, with the following benefits:

CommonSpot supports .js and .css libraries out of the box. You can optionally create new resource types as needed.

To manage resources and libraries in CommonSpot,

  1. Register the resources your site uses.
  2. Specify the root location for your libraries and fine-tune load order through General Settings.

CommonSpot includes features for selecting a resource to load automatically for all forms used at your site. See the description for Global Forms Resource in Site General Settings.

Alternatively, you can use CommonSpot API methods to programmatically add requests for external resource to your custom code.


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