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Scheduled Job Properties

Clicking the edit icon for a job in Site, Server, or Customer Scheduled Jobs or clicking Next in the process of adding a new scheduled job displays the Scheduled Job Properties dialog.

CommonSpot ships with a set of jobs to support various configurations and supplies job definitions for link validation, building cache files, stale cache generation, checking replication, static content generation, regenerating cache from saved search results, social media management, and internal testing.

You can create new jobs by supplying job definition XML through Scheduled Job Definitions. You cannot modify CommonSpot factory job definitions.

Use this dialog to view or change job name, the server location for running the job, and, where applicable, job properties. Properties are a function of the XML job definition and vary from job to job, as shown below.

All Scheduled Job Properties include:

Name: The visible name of the scheduled job.

Server: The server(s) on which the scheduled job will run. This field lists options only when running under a Shared Database configuration. Otherwise, the current server is automatically selected. You must separately add server-level jobs on replication targets.

Properties: A dynamic list of properties based on the arguments of the underlying command API method. See the properties description for each individual job.



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