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Scheduled Job Properties - Rebuild Cache for Saved Search

The CommonSpot Rebuild Cache for Saved Search Results job ships as a site-level utility to restrict cache rebuild to pages matching saved search criteria. Use this job to selectively rebuild cache in high-demand authoring environments or during high-demand periods to save processing overhead. Used in coordination with Performance Option 1 or 5, this utility can help to significantly improve authoring performance. This job performs the same functions as the Rebuild Cache for Saved Search Results Site Tool on a scheduled basis.

You can use this utility to design a cache rebuild strategy based on custom metadata. For example, setting a metadata flag like "update every time" enables you to run a background job at the desired interval to selectively rebuild pages containing that metadata.

Although you could use criteria like subsite or keyword to rebuild cache for pages matching a given saved search, tagging pages with custom metadata is the most reliable way to ensure their inclusion in saved search results.

For authoring-intensive periods affecting many pages, consider using multiple saved search cache rebuilds and multiple servers to distribute processing, subject to the limits of your database capacity. Then perform a full-cache rebuild during low-traffic periods to bring all other pages up-to-date.

Important Note: It is important to regularly complete a full-cache rebuild. If you are using this option with Performance Option 5, no automatic rebuilds take place. Make sure that you create one or more jobs to complete a full cache rebuild on a timetable that makes sense for your environment (typically overnight or during another low-traffic period) to ensure that your content remains up-to-date.

Clicking the edit icon for a job in Site, Server, or Customer Scheduled Jobs or clicking Next in the process of adding the Rebuild Cache for Saved Search Results scheduled job displays properties for this job. This job must reference an existing saved search for which you have rights. See Saved Searches Security n the Contributor's Reference for information on sharing saved searches.

You can create or change the job name, select the saved search to use, and specify which type of CommonSpot cache and browser cache to rebuild.

Name: The visible name of the scheduled job. Enter a descriptive title for this job.

Server: The server(s) that will run the job. Note that this field shows a selection list only when running under a Shared Database configuration; otherwise, the current server is automatically pre-selected and displayed as shown above. Note that scheduled jobs can be managed from the authoring server for shared-database clusters, but for replication targets, they must be managed individually for each server.

This job takes the following arguments:

Click Next to schedule this job, Prev to return to the preceding dialog, or Cancel to exit.

Return to Site Scheduled Jobs to run the job with your changes.


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