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CommonSpot integrates with SOLR search engines to provide advanced full-text searching. Part of the site configuration process requires configuring the search function to use the appropriate collection and underlying directory.

For large sites, PaperThin recommends using multiple collections, as opposed to a single large collection.

By default, each subsite has the same search collection specifications as its parent. To change the collection for the current subsite, choose Admin -Subsite Administration, expand the Properties left panel and click Search. You can either select from existing collections or create a new one.

Search Collections: This field displays a list of search collections already created for your site. Note that options here are limited to those available on the current server through the root subsite.

Selecting None from the dropdown excludes the current subsite's pages from a search collection.

Clicking the New button displays options for creating a new search collection.

Selecting a search collection from the dropdown presents additional options for indexing the collection. Each time a CommonSpot page is published or a native file is uploaded (Word, Excel, PDF, etc) the page or file is indexed using the search engine. To maintain this automated processing for the current subsite, choose Automatic Indexing.

Choose Disable automatic indexing to index through another means, such as a scheduled job. This option maintains a static collection until you manually reindex or optimize.

Optionally, select Apply change to child sub-sites to apply the search collection settings to pages contained in children of the current subsite.

See Manage Full Text Search Collections.

See Manage Search Collections.


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