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SEO Event History

The SEO Event History report gives you a summary of events affecting search engine ranking for your pages. Use this report to see how specific events affect rank position. You can filter results by event type, reporting periods, or rank position and level of change. Access this report from the Actions column in the SEO Usage Report.

You can display all events for the named page or filter for specific types. Choose from the following, then click the Filter button to apply your criteria and review the report.

Page URL: Displays the page title.

Event Type: Pick from the dropdown to filter by specific or general content change, or by when a search engine spidered the page or was queried. CommonSpot tracks the following for each search engine account configured for the keyword group. See Add/Edit Search Engine Account.

Start Date: End Date: Required. Use the calendar date selectors to set a reporting period. (See Date-Time Selection Control in the Contributor's Reference for details).

CommonSpot returns the following.

Date: The date for each specific event.

Event: The name of each event.

Detail: Displays any specific information that can be retrieved for the event. CommonSpot will display specific keywords added or removed from page content, as well as specific keywords queried by search engine.

Rank Position: The position within the search engine results page on the date listed.

Rank Change: Movement up or down within the search engine results page between queries.


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