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SEO Field Help

To help content contributors better understand how to optimize pages for search engines, CommonSpot provides field-level Help within the Standard Properties, Create New Page, or Rename Page dialogs. This Help is displayed in the SEO pane available from the right side of these dialogs. As contributors set focus to individual fields within these dialogs, CommonSpot updates the Help content in the SEO right panel. See the description of the SEO Panel for Create New Page in the Contributor's Reference.

The SEO Field Help dialog displays one row for each customizable field. You cannot add or delete fields.

Click to sort by the appropriate column head.

Click the edit icon to view or change help for the individual field.

I f you have custom fields, click Add Custom Field Help to create help for those fields.

CommonSpot includes the Export to Excel option in multiple reports throughout the system so you can conveniently collect and distribute data for import into spreadsheets or other applications that accept comma-separated values. Click this option to display a table of all fields within the current report, then select the fields whose values you want to export and save in spreadsheet or CSV format. Selected fields automatically display as column heads in the CSV output. You also have the option to change column names on the fly to customize your reports.


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