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SEO Keyword Suggest

The SEO Keyword Suggest report displays when you click the suggestion icon option for a specific keyword in the SEO Administration Dashboard or from the SEO left pane. This option is only available if the Suggestions option is checked in the Add/Edit SEO Reporting Group dialog under the Suggest and Link Tracking tab.

Use this dialog to review suggested keywords for adding new or replacing existing keywords in your SEO set.

Click the appropriate column head to sort results alphabetically by keyword or by the number of impressions received.This dialog displays the following:

Keyword: Displays the list of suggested keywords.

Impressions: Displays the number of times the exact keyword or keyword phrase was searched for within an average 30 day period.

Broad Impressions: Displays the number of times the keyword or phrase appeared within the search phrase, within an average 30 days period..

Actions: Click the add icon to add this keyword to the Reporting Group.


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