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Setting Up URL Shorteners in CommonSpot

This release of CommonSpot supports URL shortening through the service. Using this service to shorten URLs in CommonSpot requires you to log in to the Google API console with an active account, create a new project associated with the service, then configure access in CommonSpot.

  1. Log in to using your Google login credentials. If this is your first time using the API console, click the Create Project button.
  2. From the left-hand API Project dropdown select Create, then enter a name for your project and click Create Project.

    Mouseover to view larger

  3. Scroll down the right hand panel to find the URL Shortening Service and click the OFF button to activate this API. After you accept the Terms of Service, the Services panel redisplays with the URL Shortener API set to ON.
  4. Click the API Access option in the left side panel.
  5. Click the Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID button and enter the product name, optionally including a branding image in response to the prompt, then click Next.
  6. In the Client ID dialog enter the URL for your CommonSpot site in the form:

    [your website url]/[commonspot site name]/loader.cfm?csmodule=components%2Fsocial-media%2Furl-shorteners%2Fgoogle%2Fservice-redirect

    For example,

    Note that you must exclude the protocol prefix for this address. Select the proper protocol in the left side dropdown, for example, http://, then click Create client ID.

  7. The API Access page displays with the Google-generated IDs.

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  8. In CommonSpot, open Site Admin - Social Media - URL Shorteners. Click the edit icon and copy the Google-generated Client ID and Client Secret values to the Edit Social Media URL Shorteners dialog.


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