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Shared Database Configuration

This dialog displays all of the servers in the shared database cluster when they are fully configured and their mappings defined. Initially, only the Authoring Server appears, with no mappings.

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View By: Click to change display order for the two tables in this dialog. Server lists server names and details first, as shown above. Click Mappings to display this table first. Items in the Mappings table display for the selected server, as shown above for 60064qacm.

The first column of the first table indicates server state. A green check mark indicates "online" status - the server is active in the Shared Database configuration and is updated regularly. If the server state is "offline" the server is disconnected from the Shared Database configuration and is not receiving Authoring server changes. Servers are "offline" if a connection problem or ColdFusion error occurs during synchronization.

Servers in Shared Database Cluster

In the Servers table, click column heads to sort by server name, IP address/alias, or search collection.status. Options are Local or Shared. This is a read-only setting defined at installation.

The Actions column displays the following options:

Mappings for Server

Click to sort by mapping type, server access, and internal and external path. For existing server mappings, the Actions column displays the following options:


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