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Shared Database Server Status

Access this dialog from an authoring server in a shared database configuration.

From the Site Administration left panel, expand the Shared Database panel and click Server Status. This dialog lists any Read Only Production Servers (ROPS) out of sync with the Authoring Server and displays the number and type of updates required to bring the server up to date. Use this dialog to review the level of change needed to bring a new or recently offline ROPS in sync with the authoring server.

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Server Name: The name(s) of CommonSpot servers in this cluster.

IP Address/Alias: Either the IP address or the network alias of the server(s) in the cluster.

File Actions: The number of file updates required to bring the server up-to-date with the authoring server.

Foreground Actions: The number of critical updates (such as cache clears, memory updates, etc.) required to bring the ROPS up-to-date.

Background Actions: The number of pending actions (such as full-text reindexing), typically run as background processes, required to bring the ROPS up-to-date.

Click a link in the File Actions or Foreground Actions column to display report details.


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