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Site Relative Directories

Use this dialog to specify the set of site-specific files you want to replicate. Site Relative directories are unique to each site and are not regenerated when new subsites are created.  These directories typically reside in the site root directory and include the /style/ directory (where default.css is stored), the /datasheet-modules/ directory, /renderhandlers/and the /rte-snippets/ directories.

On an Authoring server, access this dialog by clicking to expand Replication in the left panel of the Site Administration dashboard and selecting Site Relative Directories. Use this option as a shortcut for automatically including commonly replicated directories in your scans. This dialog provides an editable list of each Site Relative directory registered for scanning.  You can set scan frequency, whether this is a one-time only or regular scan, and the cache-clearing action taken for each scan event.

Click the here link to automatically set scanning for the most commonly replicated set of Site Relative directories. By default,CommonSpot configures the following:

Site Relative Directories

Subsite Relative Directories

Click to sort by column head. 

In the Actions column, click the edit icon to view or change directory records.

Click the delete icon to remove a directory record from the site.

Click Add Site Relative Directory to register a new directory for scanning.


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