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Social Media Channels

Access this dialog from Site Admin - Social Media Services by clicking an item in the Channels column. Use this dialog to centrally view or change state or attributes for existing channels (accounts) or to create new channels for the selected service. Each channel requires a separate account.

Important Note: Make sure you are logged out of your account before creating channels.

To activate a channel for posting, you must explicitly grant CommonSpot access to the corresponding account. See Integrating Facebook, Integrating Twitter, and Integrating LinkedIn. Once this setup is complete on the social site, you can turn access on/off in CommonSpot by clicking the flag icon.

You must also set state to active in CommonSpot. If registration with the service is complete but CommonSpot access is not, a grayed-out check mark displays in the State column. Clicking this icon activates the URL service request for Commonspot access.

Click to sort by name, description, or state.


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