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Submit Incident (Step 2 of 3)

Server Info Tab

Note: Please be sure to complete required information in all tabs before submitting Support requests to PaperThin.

Use the Server Info tab to provide Support with CommonSpot, ColdFusion, and Operating System version, and other server settings. CommonSpot detects and displays available data and collects additional information to expedite subsequent Support requests. Enter server details to help troubleshoot your issue. Once entered, update this information only if it changes, using the Update Support Information option.

Note: If your CommonSpot installation uses more than one server, make sure to complete this dialog for each server in your environment. Obtaining basic server information enables PaperThin Support to best provide assistance

The Server Info tab contains the following fields:

This tab also collects contact information for communication and authentication purposes. PaperThin verifies registered user status before accepting incident information uploads. Members of the CPAdmin group or equivalent can create but not complete incident submissions. These incident packets must be manually submitted by a registered Designated Support Representative.

The Contact Name and Email Address fields are auto-populated with information specified in your local profile.

Once you enter all required information, click Next to display the Submit Incident (Step 3 of 3) dialog to complete the incident report, or Cancel to exit.

Site Information Tab

Use the Site Information tab to collect or change information for each top-level site on the server. If the Site URL field lists multiple sites, select and complete information for each one listed.

Once entered, these credentials become inaccessible to anyone other than PaperThin Support.

Once you enter all required information, click Next to save and submit the incident, or Cancel to exit.


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