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Target Servers

This dialog displays the number of replication servers allowed under your license and lists servers currently registered as replication targets for the site.  You can only register as many target replication servers as your CommonSpot license permits. Registered servers are available to other sites on the same server, as long as they are operating under the same Users data source.

Click the Server Name column to sort alphabetically by assigned name.

The Server Address column displays either the IP or an alias, as shown above.

The Port column displays the current port assignment for this ROPs.

In the Actions column, click the edit icon to view or change a target server record.

Click the status icon to check connection and Target Server Status for the target.

Click the delete icon to remove a target server record from the site. The Delete Server dialog checks to see if the server record can be deleted and prompts for confirmation.

To register new replication target server records (within the limits of your license), click Add Target Server.  You’ll need the target server name, IP address, and port.

Once created and activated, sites defined as replication targets display as shown below in the Sites on this Server section of the Server Administration dashboard.


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