Scheduled Job Properties - Track SEO Keyword Rankings

Clicking the edit icon for this job in Site Scheduled Jobs or clicking Next in the process of adding a new Track SEO Keyword Rankings job displays job properties.

This job ships as a site-level utility, as shown here, and is required for processing SEO rankings through CommonSpot.

The Properties list requires the Reporting Group ID, The Search Engine ID and the Account ID defined for the keyword reporting group.

Use this dialog to view, add, or change job nameor IDs.

Name: The display name of the scheduled job. Accept or change the default. For example, enter Update Rankings.

Server: The server running the scheduled job. Note that this option only shows a selection list when running under a Shared Database configuration; otherwise, the current server is automatically pre-selected and displayed. You must separately add server-level jobs on replication targets.

Properties: This job takes arguments for keyword reporting groups, search engine and search engine accounts. These are unique to each job.

Click Save to keep your changes and assign a schedule to this job, or Cancel to exit.

Return to Site Scheduled Jobs to run the job with your changes.


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