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Visitor Context Groups

Access this dialog by expanding Visitor Context in the Site Administration left panel and selecting Groups. Use this dialog to view, create, or change groups defined to receive targeted content through Visitor Context Rules.

If your site has many groups, you can optionally narrow the list by entering all or part of a group name and clicking Filter to display items that meet your criteria. Optionally, click to sort by column head.

Click the edit icon to change Name or Description information for an existing group, or click Add Visitor Context Group to create a new group. Once you add groups, you can create rules to populate them, then use Content Security, Scheduled Elements, or custom scripts to produce content that conditionally displays based on visitor group membership.

Visitor context and standard group names must be unique - you cannot assign a visitor context group and a CommonSpot group the same name.

Remove individual groups by clicking the associated delete icon . You cannot delete groups currently targeted by a visitor context rule.


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