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Active Freshness Reminders

This dialog displays your freshness reminders for the current page. Access this dialog when viewing a page in author mode by clicking Active Freshness Reminders in the Page Tools left panel.

Filter using the Type or State dropdown.  State is Active for freshness reminders that currently require attention, the default for this view.  See Manage Freshness Reminders for details on other states.

If you have many reminders, enter all or part of a search term and click Filter to find your reminders.

Click to sort by column head. You can sort by reminder name, reminder time, owner and the user or group the reminder is assigned to, as well as active/inactive state. A checkmark in the Private column indicates a reminder visible to the owner only. The reminder shown above is not available for public viewing.

Click the edit icon to revise reminder name, assignment, schedule, or description.

Click the copy icon to duplicate a reminder, to save time creating frequently used or assigned reminders.

Click the snooze icon to temporarily ignore a reminder. State remains scheduled and dismiss option remains available. Note that reminders notification will continue, even past due dates, until you dismiss or delete the reminder, as described below.

Click the dismiss icon to permanently ignore a reminder.

Click the delete icon to permanently remove a reminder.

Click Add Freshness Reminder to create a new shared or private reminder.


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