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Add XML Publication Step 2 of 2

The second step in adding an XML Publication defines the metadata for the XML Publication itself. The fields in this dialog are dependent on the XML Definition selected in Step 1 of the wizard. Simple syndication presents the first dialog. Detailed syndication presents the second type.


The information collected here typically is included as part of the publication itself. For example if this were an XML Definition that was collecting information for a RSS feed, the information collected here would be included in the feed as metadata about the feed, not about the items inside the feed itself.

All fields in the first tab are required, and must be completed prior to submitting.

Once you have completed all of the required fields, click the Save button to create the XML Publication.  Click Cancel button to exit without creating an XML Publication, or click Previous to return to Step 1 of the wizard.

Upon submission of this dialog, you will see the Manage XML Publications where the new XML Publication will be listed with the specified formats. 

For more information on XML Definitions, refer to the CommonSpot Administrator Reference.


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