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Bulleted List

If you select several paragraphs and then click the ‘Bulleted List’ button on the toolbar, the Rich Text Editor will insert a bullet at the beginning of each paragraph:

If at the end of a bulleted paragraph you hit the ‘Enter’ key, the new paragraph also be bulleted. To end the bulleted list, press ‘Enter’ twice after the last item in the list.

To unset a bulleted list, select it and then click the ‘Bulleted List’ button to deactivate the style.

To check if a paragraph or a list displays the Bulleted List style, place the cursor inside that paragraph or select it, and check if the ‘Bulleted List’ button is activated.

When the ‘Tab’ key is pressed while the cursor is inside a bulleted paragraph, that paragraph is indented and the bullets change their shape to indicate a sub-list.


Note: In Mozilla/Firefox only, if you apply a bulleted list to each paragraph separately instead of applying it to multiple selected paragraphs, the spacing between paragraphs will increase.


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