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CommonSpot Security Exception

For authentication and other errors CommonSpot issues a security exception which typically includes a message detailing possible causes.

If you are working in a Text block or Custom Element dialog and the process of entering data takes longer than your current session timeout or page lock timeout, CommonSpot cannot automatically store the data in the proper locations when you close the dialog. To prevent you from losing your work, CommonSpot captures your content and presents it in a dialog that for pasting once you regain the lock.

For example: You are entering a lot of content into a Custom Element when you are called away to an important meeting. You forget to submit your current progress and leave your Custom Element dialog open. While you are away from your desk, your session expires and you no longer have a valid login. After you return from your meeting, you finish entering content, then exit the dialog. Instead of throwing away all of your progress, CommonSpot presents you with a Security Exception dialog with options for viewing and copying contents from your Custom Element, as shown:

Mouseover to view larger

The message at the top of the dialog provides information about the cause of the security exception. In the example, the session has expired, but it is also possible to lose your lock on the page that you are currently authoring in other ways.

The process of recovering content requires you to click the View Recovered Content button to invoke the Recovered Content dialog. After you have opened the Recovered Content dialog, it is safe to log back in, regain the lock on the page in Author mode, and paste your content back into the Element that you were working on. See the Recovered Content dialog for more information on what type of content is represented.


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