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Create Page

Creating pages in CommonSpot is a process of:

  1. Choosing a subsite location for the page, using this dialog.
  2. Selecting a template for page layout.
  3. Entering standard properties (metadata), such as name, title, or expiration date, and optionally entering custom properties, (data that can categorize page data or support content reuse, for example). See Create New Page

To create a page, select Page from the New menu. This option is accessible in both Read and Author mode.

A list of subsites for which you have Page Creation permissions displays. If you do not have rights to the subsite for your new page, contact your Site Administrator for the appropriate permissions. View by Subsite Hierarchy, as shown below.

You can also use Subsite Search to apply search criteria to subsite selection. Filter by subsite parent name or URL, or enter a name or character to filter using other dropdown operators. For example, search for subsites that begin with the letter s, which returns the spanish subsite as shown below.

You can also sort by alpha or numeric value.

Your selection is highlighted. Click Next to pick a template for your new page. The Template Gallery dialog displays.

After you create a page, you will choose or define CommonSpot Elements to add text, images, and other content to your page.

CommonSpot provides a rich array of Elements for sophisticated content rendering and embedding logic for reuse and distribution. Administrators and designers develop templates and Elements that drive page structure.


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