Creating a URL Link

You can also insert a URL link by using the shortcut keys "Ctrl+K". The window below asks you to enter the hyperlink URL.

Once you fill in the URL, click ‘OK’ and the link will be inserted on the page. If you’ve made no selection before clicking this button, the URL itself will be inserted in the page as a link. For example, your link will appear on the page like this:

If you selected something before using Ctrl+K, the URL itself will not appear on the page but what you selected will serve as a link to

Note: An Anchor link brings the end user to a specific spot within a page. If you want to create an Anchor link from one spot on a page to another spot on the same page, simply enter "#" immediately before the anchor name in the URL text box. If you want to create an anchor link from one page to a spot on another page, enter the URL followed immediately (without spaces) by the"#" symbol and then (again without spaces) by the anchor name.


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