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Delete Conflicts and Warnings

CommonSpot displays Conflicts and Warnings if you try to delete multiple items. Access this dialog through My Content or Reports menu options. From a report, select one or more, click Delete from the More Actions dropdown, then click Go. CommonSpot warns of data corruption or loss, as shown for the first two items in the first image below, and issues a failure notice for attempts that generate either, as shown in the second image below.

Click column heads to sort by status, or alphabetically by item title, subsite location, or reason.

The Status column displays the following options:

OK: This item has no active dependencies - deleting will not affect other CommonSpot objects.

Warning: This item has active dependencies - deleting will affect other CommonSpot objects. You have the option of resolving conflicts before deleting.

Failure: This item has important current dependencies. You cannot delete this item until you resolve dependencies, such as first deleting pages derived from a template or first removing all pages from a page set, as shown below.

Once you resolve problems, select items and click Delete to complete, or Cancel to exit without completing.   Initiating delete actions with no serious dependencies displays the Delete Page Confirmation dialog.


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