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Delete Multimedia Confirmation

Use this dialog to review the status of multimedia files you are deleting.  You can delete multimedia from My Multimedia Files and other reports. CommonSpot displays similar dialogs for pages, images, uploaded files, and URLs.

For deleting a single file, with no active dependencies, CommonSpot displays a message like the following.

For deleting a file with active dependencies, the following displays.

Multimedia files linked from Trees display a message like the following. Click View Referring Trees to review linking Trees and remove or update link targets.

Optionally click View Referring Pages before deleting to fix links from pages pointing to this file.

Click Delete to permanently remove the selected file or Cancel to exit without deleting.

Important Note: Due to limited control over how external services handle files, CommonSpot treats deleted multimedia files differently from other files which are maintained for version history when deleted. Deleting a multimedia file permanently removes it and all history versions from the hosting server, whether it is local or maintained by an external sharing service.

See "Notes on Uploading, Importing, Updating, and Deleting Multimedia Files" under Multimedia Services in the Administrator's Reference.


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