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Edit Element Component Style

Clicking the edit icon for an individual style component in the Element Style dialog or clicking the Select button in Style Sheet Sets displays classes registered for that component, as shown below for the Container Element. See Content Formatting in the Administrator's Reference for more information on registering classes and assigning styles to Elements and their components.

You can use the CommonSpot default classes for each Element or select from available style classes to control the display of individual Elements and Element components. CommonSpot allows you to conveniently use two-word names for styles and to find and apply more than one style class to a single Element.

Click Use Default to accept the CommonSpot default style.

You can apply a new class to the Element by entering the name of an existing class in the Other Classes field and clicking Save. (Styles must reside in your site's /style/ subdirectory.) The dialog refreshes as shown below. Optionally click Restore Inheritance to undo the new assignment and reset to the previous class value.

You can also select one or more classes, or optionally add a class. If no additional classes have been registered, the following displays.

Click Manage Element Component Styles to add from available classes.

Click Save to apply your changes. The Element Style dialog updates with your changes.


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