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Edit Post

You can edit the social media posts you create up until the scheduled posting time. Access this dialog by clicking the edit icon for possible, pending, or scheduled posts displayed in the Social Media Manager dialog. Options in this dialog vary according to posting state.

Title - The label for this posting. This shows up in CommonSpot reports for easy reference, but does not display in the posting itself. This field is required.

Save - This option is required. Click Save to keep the title you assign and continue updating your post.

Remove from Dashboard - This field is optional. Displays the calendar icon for setting an expiration date for post records in the Social Media dashboard. Contents populated from rules uses the Days to Expire value to calculate this date. For content created directly from page, this field defaults to 30 days.

Click Show More/Show Less to show/hide this option.

Channels - Lists channels (accounts) defined for your site, for which you have permissions. If this list is empty, channels have not yet been defined for your site, or your administrator has not granted access. Pick a channel to post to.

Post Type - Displays for Facebook posts only. Pick from the dropdown. If this is a combination post (both image & text), this selection sets priority.

Social Message - Required if you selected MessagePost for the Post Type. Enter or change text content here. CommonSpot updates character count for both Facebook and Twitter messages. Optional for Facebook image messages with text.

Link To - Optionally pick a web page or image file to link to in this post.

Message Image - Required if you selected ImagePost for the Post Type. Optional for Facebook text messages with images. Click the image icon to choose an image for your message. Click the Clear button to remove existing image content.

NOTE: Image URLs must point to a publicly accessible domain. Image URLs resolving to localhost or a local server will not work.

Schedule - For unscheduled items, displays the Date-Time Selection Control for setting a post time. For scheduled items, displays the publishing time set for this post. Click the schedule icon to set or reset the post time, or click the cancel icon to "unschedule" the posting.

Share - This button displays for unscheduled content. For messages generated from content or pages that do not require approval, click this button to immediately post to the selected channel. CommonSpot prompts for confirmation and your message displays as Posted in the Social Media Manager.

For messages generated from content or pages that require approval before publishing, this button displays as shown below and the message is maintained as Pending in the Social Media Manager. When approval times exceeds the scheduled times, posts are rescheduled for 5 minutes from the approval time.

Save is disabled for posts associated with content or pages pending approval, already approved and scheduled, or rejected.


Once your messages post, you can view and respond to comments by accessing the Social Media Manager from My CommonSpot or from the Manage Menu.


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