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Keyword Ranking Chart

The Keyword Ranking Chart displays when you click the View Enlarged Chart link from the SEO left pane at the page level. You can set criteria to filter results, including rank for specific search engines, specific keywords assigned to this page, and date ranges. CommonSpot displays ranking results in graphical format color-coded for each keyword targeted for the current page.

Pick from the following.

Search Engine: Displays only the search engines associated with accounts for this keyword reporting group. Pick from the dropdown.

Keyword: Pick from the dropdown to report for a specific keyword, or all keywords targeted for the current page.

Start Date: End Date: Required. Use the calendar date selectors to set a reporting period. (See Date-Time Selection Control for details).

Click the Filter button to apply your criteria and review the report. CommonSpot displays the keyword selected and returns results in Chart format.

CommonSpot returns results for each scheduled search engine query in a bar graph displaying rank within search engine results. for See SEO Administration and Search Engine Accounts in the Administrator's Reference for information on configuring and scheduling search engine queries.

Mouseover each bar for date details.


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