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Link Validation

To make the process of tracking links to other internal or external pages, PDFs, images, and other elements easier, CommonSpot enables link validation during page creation, and optionally at other times.

If the Validate external links option is enabled as part of your publication process, you can check this option to validate links when you submit content.

If Web proxy settings are defined (through the Configuration left panel option in the CommonSpot Server Administration dashboard), link validation uses the proxy when checking link references.

To check links at any other time, select the Links - Validate Links menu item or select Validate Links from the Page Tools left panel.

CommonSpot differentiates between link types, validating http and verifying syntax for https and mailto. CommonSpot does not verify protocols like ftp, mms, rtsp, etc. You can mark as valid all "unverified", "syntax checked" and "invalid" links by using the page-level Validate Links option.

This initiates the Validating External URLs process. Results are displayed in this dialog.

Clicking the tabs for Links, Images, Objects, and Other displays details for all link types on the page. In addition to validating HTML, CommonSpot checks and reports on syntax for other references.

You can optionally OK links that CommonSpot cannot validate. Select links that you know are valid and click Mark Selected Valid. CommonSpot will treat these links as OK on the next validation.


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