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Manage Live Bookmarks

Live bookmarks are growing in popularity because they allow visitors to easily consume live content from a site without having to navigate to the site. Instead, visitors simply open the bookmarks folder in their browser and the items within the specified RSS feed appear as bookmark items.

CommonSpot makes it easy for contributors to create Live Bookmarks on any page. In Author mode, select Manage - Live Bookmarks and select Add Live Bookmark.

From here you can easily see which Feeds are associated with the current page. Click to sort by column head.

The Manage Live Bookmarks dialog lists all feeds associated with the current page as live bookmarks. To add a new feed as a live bookmark, click Add Live Bookmark(s) to display a complete list of feeds available as live bookmarks. To add a feed, simply check one or more Feeds to be included.

Once a page has been configured to expose Live Bookmarks the browser displays an indicator to the site visitor.

Remove individual items by clicking the associated delete icon , or select multiple items, click Delete Selected from the More Actions dropdown, then click Go. CommonSpot confirms deletion to enable you to manage any links to this file. You can optionally Select/Deselect all.


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