Multimedia Version History

Access this dialog by selecting the version history option from the Metadata & Security icon in multimedia reports, including My Multimedia Files. The Multimedia Version History dialog lists available versions of single multimedia files, if more than one version exists. Note that CommonSpot can maintain version history for single files only, not for multimedia playlists.

Also note that special conditions apply to multimedia files versioned on external servers. See "Notes on Uploading, Importing, Updating, and Deleting Multimedia Files" in Multimedia Services in the Administrator's Reference.

The Version column displays the creation date for each version.

Icons in the second column identify these multimedia types:



Local multimedia

Mouse over an item in the Multimedia Filename column to display a popup preview image for external files, as shown below, with file details. Locally hosted files display text details only.

Size displays total file size in megabytes.

Length indicates total play time in hh:mm:ss format.

Uploaded By identifies who uploaded this file in CommonSpot in last-name, first-name format .

Subsite displays the subsite location for this file.

Optionally select a previous version and click Make Current. Rolling back the version of a multimedia file updates all CommonSpot references.


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