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My Favorite Saved Searches

Use CommonSpot Saved Searches to conveniently maintain quick access to frequently used search criteria.  Instead of repeatedly creating the same search queries, you can define favorites to save time completing common tasks, such as reviewing the most recently changed content, editing content owned by a specific author, or reviewing styles currently in use, as shown for the shared Bulleted list IMAGES below.

You can also share your saved searches with other team members to centrally control and quickly distribute search results updates.  CommonSpot delivers powerful capabilities for fast access to extremely refined search results.

To change the number or type of Saved Searches displayed under My Saved Searches, click the Customize link at the top of this section in the My CommonSpot view.

You can toggle between viewing searches you’ve designated as favorites and viewing all the searches you’ve saved. Features for both views are the same. See All Saved Searches

Enter a number greater than 1 in the Maximum items to display on My Commonspot dashboard field and click Set. Click and drag items to change display order for saved searches in My CommonSpot.

(Note: In IE, click on the Name or Title, instead of the entire row.)

Click the star icon in the first column of the saved search table to toggle Favorite and Non-favorite status. Favorites display in this table and in My CommonSpot. You can also set rank within favorites by clicking the column head to order saved searches, or clicking and dragging items to change display order for saved searches in My CommonSpot.

Click the All Saved Searches link at the top of this table to see both favorites and non-favorites.

In the Actions column:

Click Add New Saved Search. The Create Saved Search wizard displays for adding a new saved search to My Commonspot.


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