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Style Sheet Sets

Pages rendered using style sheets often use more than one. For example, you might have a “main.css” style sheet that contains general style sheet definitions, a “home.css” containing styles specific to the home page, and a responsive style sheet. A style sheet set contains one or more style sheets that you can apply to your pages.

Individual style sheets cannot be directly associated with a page or template. Instead, you add style sheets to a style sheet set and then associate the set with a page or template. Typically, sets are associated with templates. All pages derived from the template then inherit the template’s sets. That is the only way to associate a given style sheet set with multiple pages.

You can also add a new style sheet to any of the style sheet sets associated witha page or template.

Note: When you create a page, it inherits any style sheet sets associated with the template from which it was created. Once you make style sheet changes on a page, that page uses the modified version and no longer derives formatting from the inherited set.  CommonSpot maintains the modified version locally. However, you can restore inheritance.  For more information, see Style Sheet Sets and Style Sheet Inheritance.

You can change style sheet sets and the sheets they contain by selecting Manage – Style Sheets while viewing the page or template in CommonSpot.

CommonSpot uses the first style sheet set whose scheduling criteria match the current condition (date, time, current user's groups, etc.), if any scheduling criteria are applied. See Schedule/Personalize for more information. After finding the first matching set, CommonSpot ignores all others. Set the order of preference by clicking and dragging to a new position in this table. (Note: In IE, click on the Name or Title, instead of the entire row.)

Alternatively, select one or more style sheets and click the insert icon to move multiple sets. You can also select and move outside of the scrollable region. Note that changes to style sheet set order are saved immediately.

This dialog displays the following fields:

Style Sheet Sets

This table has four columns:

To add a new set, click Add New Style Sheet Set.

Click Close to exit.


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