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Usage Statistics

CommonSpot’s Usage Statistics help content owners assess the value of the content they publish. It is not meant to replace common Web server usage statistics packages.

Usage Statistics show on a page-by-page basis which authenticated users have viewed the page during a specified time frame. It does not track anonymous usage, only that of authenticated users.

In author mode, while viewing a page, choose ActionsView Usage Statistics. You can also access usage information by clicking the More Actions icon for an item in CommonSpot reports.

Choose from the dropdown list at the top of this dialog to view statistics at the page or individual subsite level, or for all subsites within a subsite (for example, the root subsite)..


Choose the time period to view usage information by clicking on a calendar image. Time period options include: today, last two days, last week or last seven days, last two weeks, or the preceding month.

The total number of authenticated user requests for the page or pages defined in Scope displays in parentheses ( ) below each time period icon.

Selecting a time period displays a bar graph for visually comparing usage by day, to easily review high and low activity periods.

Click a date in the left column or a requests link in the right column for user information.  The Usage Statistics Details dialog displays.


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