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Visual Difference

In the Page Versions left panel, select any two versions and click Visual Difference to display this dialog. 

You can also invoke Visual Difference in author mode by selecting Compare from a Work in Progress , Pending Approval , or Approval item, or by selecting the Visual difference icon for any page in My CommonSpot.  Accessing Visual Difference this way displays the current version compared to the most recent version. You can’t select from available versions, as you can from the Page Versions left panel.

This feature is useful for approvers or anyone who needs to sign off on changes made by an author, or for authors who need to "roll back" a page element to a previous version.

Choose from two Visual Difference options for viewing edits: Red-lined Comparison or Side-by-Side Comparison. The Red-lined Comparison tab shows primarily textual changes using a color-coded system, highlighting additions and deletions. Red-lined Comparison may not pick up style, color, or layout changes. You can see these more clearly by using the Side-by-Side Comparison option.

Mouseover to view larger

Red-Lined Comparison Tab

The Red-lined Comparison tab displays a window with changes marked up in color-coded text. Additions appear with a yellow highlight, deletions with red strikethrough. A legend for the color-coded system appears in the lower left-hand corner of the dialog, as shown above.

In addition to text changes you can also view changes to images and formatting.



Side-by-Side Comparison Tab

The Side-by-Side Comparison Tab shows two windows side by side, providing a WYSIWYG comparison of the published and work-in-progress versions. This tab provides an option to scroll both windows at the same time, allowing for easy comparison. Or you can scroll each frame individually. The image below is a side-by-side comparison of a page’s previous version.

Mouseover to view larger

Revert Content

While reviewing an earlier version of a page, switching to Author Mode displays the revert content icon for identifying Element changes (any change that required resubmission at the element level). You can use this option to roll back changes, as shown below for a Page Index Element.

Click the revert icon to restore Element content and/or format to a previous version.

When accessing this feature through the Element menu dropdown, the effect of this action displays at the end of the More menu, as shown.


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