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Advanced Textblock Properties

The Advanced Textblock Properties dialog contains information about features displayed to contributors using this Element. Use this dialog to define which icons appear in the Rich Text Editor for this element. The number of options and state (enabled, disabled, default, required) is a function of site-level settings, controlled by the administrator. See Rich Text Editor Settings in the CommonSpot Administrator’s Reference and CKEditor documentation for more information.

The rich text editor includes the following tools:

Cut, copy, paste - paste opens Paste Options dialog

Undo, Redo, one action disables the other.

Open Text Block Search (Internet Explorer only)

Show /Hide Table Borders

Show Code/Design


Opens Color Palette dialog to select text or background color

Apply bold, italic, underline

Align left, center, right, justify

Create numeric or symbolic bulleted list

Increase or decrease indent

Remove formatting


Opens Image Properties dialog to insert or edit image

Opens the Insert Link dialog to create or edit a hyperlink

Opens Insert Field dialog

Opens Insert HTML Snippet dialog

Expands Table Functions Menu

Opens Horizontal Rule Properties dialog

Opens Insert Special Character dialog

Opens to enter a URL or is meant for Anchor

Choose Format

Choose style sheets style

Choose font face

Choose font size

Consult your CommonSpot site administrator or see Rich Text Editor Settings in the CommonSpot Administrator’s Reference.


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