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Image Index Element

The knowledge that images help to draw and engage visitors is just one of the reasons sites are using more images more often and evolving creative ways to display them. New in version 10.0, the Image Index Element makes it easy to select and display images in a variety of formats. Similar to the Page Index element, the Image Index returns a list of images selected dynamically or manually, as determined by the element’s Rendering Properties.

Choosing a dynamic list prompts you to create a filter using any combination of standard criteria (such as subsite, date range, keyword, category, or owner) or advanced filtering options (such as field, or comparison operator and comparison value). CommonSpot returns images in a dynamic list based on matches to your filter criteria. See Image Index Properties.

You can also create static lists using a manual filter to choose and order images selected from one or more galleries. See Image Index Manual Ordering.


You can control how many images are returned, or randomize their order through the Image Index Layout Properties dialog. As with other CommonSpot elements, you can also control how resulting images display by choosing any of the predefined layouts registered for the element or by using render handlers to publish image carousels, image grids, or any other form desired.

Because the desired output can be so different, the Image Index Element does not include any out-of-the-box renderings. You need to create your own, or import from the CommonSpot Widget Gallery. Check the CommonSpot Widget Gallery for layouts (render handlers) that you can import into your site.


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