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Insert Link

CommonSpot gives you advanced options for content linking and display. In addition to standard page, image, bookmark, and email address links, you can link to Scheduled Elements and existing uploaded files. You can also upload files. This section covers defining and modifying hyperlinks within CommonSpot.

Use the Insert Link dialog to create or edit several types of hyperlinks and set link and target attributes.

Note: You can define both link action and mouseover action for a single link. For example, a common and effective practice is to define descriptive browser status bar text as the mouseover action for a link to a page or document.

The way in which you invoke the Insert Link dialog differs from Element to Element. In some cases, invoke it from the Element Tool menu. Some Elements have an “add item” dialog in which there is a link such as Add LinkBar Item. See also Insert Link in the Contributor's Reference.

Link Action Tab


Mouseover Action Tab


Link Opening Properties


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