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Reordering Elements

A Container Element can hold one or more child Elements, including other containers. You can configure elements within a container to render n a single100% width row or within a grid containing multiple rows and/or columns. CommonSpot gives you the following options for re-ordering Elements within a Container:

  1. Drag & Drop via the Element menu Move option - Clicking the Move Element option from any Element menu enables drag -and-drop repositioning of that element within a Container or across to other Containers on a page or template.

    See Grid Row Layout in the Contributor's Reference for details.

  2. Drag & Drop via Reorder Elements dialog - From the Container element menu, choose Reorder Elements. Then drag and drop to move elements between cells within the Container grid. Note that this option only moves elements within the same Container.

    See Reorder Elements.

  3. Move Up/Move Down element menu options - Open the menu for the element you wish to move, and select Move Up, Move Down, Move to Top, or Move to Bottom to reposition the element. Note that this option only moves elements within the same Container.



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