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Select Groups

This dialog displays for scheduling to specific groups. Access this dialog from the Groups section of the Schedule Personalize Element.

You can choose to render content to specific CommonSpot groups or to anonymous or authenticated visitor groups created through the Visitor Context feature. Visitor Context assigns site visitors to predefined groups based on browsing behavior using rules that you specify. Contributors are typically not members of visitor context groups. Both group types display here. See Visitor Context Groups in the Administrator's Reference for more information.

Click column heads to sort group names alphabetically or by description, or, if your site has a large number of groups, refine your search through dropdown/text entry field combinations and click the Filter button, as shown below for Group names ending with Editors.

Click the Clear button to empty the text entry field.

Click checkboxes to select users.  Choices display in the Selected box. Click   to remove individual users, as shown above, or click Clear All to deselect all users. 

When you are finished, click Use Selected Groups to schedule for the group(s) you choose, or click Cancel to exit without choosing groups.


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