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Simple Form Layout Properties

The Simple Form Layout Properties dialog provides flexible capabilities for controlling the format structure for the form layout, to meet the needs of the page and content. Display this dialog by selecting Layout from the Element menu within a page.

Simple Form Layout Properties - Default Layout Tab

This tab has the following fields.

Form - Determines the width of the form on the page in percentage of available space, or in pixels. Cell padding can also be set.

Labels - Determines the position and width of form field labels.

Required Field Indicator – Determines the position of the symbol used to indicate required fields.

Submit Button and CAPTCHA Field - Determines alignment for the CAPTCHA field and the button to use for submit.


Simple Form Layout Properties - Options Tab

The Options tab of the Simple Form Layout Properties dialog provides two additional options to customize the layout of your form.

Simple Form Layout Properties - Custom Layout Tab

The Custom Layout tab of the Simple Form Layout Properties dialog allows you to either accept the default layout, or customize the way data appears on the page. CommonSpot provides extensive flexibility in the way it renders your form, allowing you to modify the display layout for simple form fields beyond what is provided out of the box on the page and/or on the summary page. Similar to the process used to create Display Masks for Custom Elements, you can define fonts, colors, styles, and placement of fields, using the Rich Text Editor.

Note: The “Custom Layout” tab is not available until one or more fields are added to the Simple Form.

You can customize both the data entry screen for each tab, and, if Summary Page is checked in the Options tab, the way data for that tab displays.


Optionally select Custom from the drop-down, then click the Edit button to open the Simple Form Custom Layout dialog to design your form.


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