Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (Non-Student)

The accounts payable department is responsible for processing disbursements and issuing checks (with the exception of Payroll) to all vendors for services and supplies provided to Mansfield University, as well as travel reimbursements to all employees. Payments are made in accordance with established Spending Guidelines for Public Funds as well as Travel Procedures and Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures where applicable. Payments are processed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except during holidays.

NOTE: Questions regarding STUDENT BILLING and REFUND CHECKS should be directed to the Student Registration and Financial Services.


Vendor payments - Mansfield University requires all vendors to have a completed W-9 form on file before payment can be made. Vendors will be contacted if A/P receives an invoice for payment but cannot process due to lack of a W-9. Periodic updates may be requested to insure the vendor file has current information.

Vendor ACH Option - Vendors have the choice of receiving payment via ACH instead by check. This option improves processing time and the vendor will have their payment in their bank account faster than with the traditional check method. Sign up for ACH payment today! 

Payments to a foreign country vendor require special processing based on IRS regulation. Please contact the Accounts Payable department at least 90 days prior to payment being needed in order to have all appropriate and necessary documentation on file for payment.

Any individuals, sole proprietors or partnerships who have provided services for the university during any calendar year will receive a 1099-MISC by January 31 of the corresponding calendar year if the total amount was at least $600 per IRS rules. Questions relating to the issuance of these forms should be directed to Denise Hopkins and/or Vicky Wyman.

Timely payments are important to maintain good vendor relations. Our general payment guidelines are as follows:

  • Pay in accordance with vendor terms stated on invoice.
  • Take advantage of cash discounts when available.
  • In absence of vendor terms on invoice, pay local vendors (50 mile radius) within 15 days and all others at 30 days.

    What Form/ Method Do I Use to Make or Request a Payment?

    Please refer to the "What Form/ Method Do I Use to Make or Request a Payment?" document for a comprehensive listing of the types of expenditures that may be reimbursed by the university and the forms/methods necessary to request payments to vendors, university personnel, and students. The document provides links to the appropriate spending guideline and/or university policies.

    Travel reimbursements are processed following PASSHE's and Mansfield University's Travel Policies/ Procedures. Please see the Travel page for more information and the forms needed to be completed before and after travel.

    A Miscellaneous Request for Reimbursement (MRR) can only be used to make a payment when the use of a Purchase Requisition (PR), or purchasing card is not possible. Use of an MRR is NOT TO BE USED to request reimbursement for subscriptions, memberships, contracted services or any travel related expenses. Before submitting a MRR, the original itemized receipt(s) needs to be attached and all necessary signatures obtained to ensure accurate and timely payment.