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Client Rights

  1. Our services are free of charge to currently enrolled students and to faculty and staff at Mansfield University. If we feel the issue being presented is beyond our professional capacity, we will assist in making an appropriate referral.
  2. By law, access to confidential information will be available only to professional Counseling Center staff except in the following circumstances (in which disclosure is REQUIRED):
    • there is a clear risk of imminent harm for you or another person;
    • disclosure is court ordered;
    • abuse of children or vulnerable adults is involved;
    • when a pregnancy may be at risk because of chemical abuse; and
    • with a signed release from you.
  3. Your counselor should ask you whether you have or have had a professional relationship with another mental health professional. The counselor will, to the extent possible, coordinate services for you with the other professional (if you have one). The counselor will not undertake or continue a professional relationship in which objectivity would be impaired due to an outside relationship between you and the counselor.
  4. You have the right to refuse any of the tests or techniques used and you may request a different counselor at any time.
  5. Staff members who are graduate interns will be identified as such. The qualifications of the counselors on staff will be available upon request.
  6. We will consider you as an individual and will not impose on you any stereotypes of behavior, values or roles related to age, religion, race, disability, nationality, or sexual preference.
  7. You are encouraged to report any perceived violations of the above rights to: