Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

At the Counseling Center our concern is for YOU. We work for you and are ready to assist you in any way we can.


At the Counseling Center we provide students, faculty and staff with counseling services that are sensitive to multicultural differences; gay and lesbian affirmative; accessible; and individualized for each client's particular needs. We make available to clients career/academic assessment and counseling to facilitate their career choices; provide a professional response to clients in emotional crisis; provide faculty and staff with consultation services and support; assist in developing the emotional, physical and psychological well-being of all clients; advocate for student needs; and support the efforts of students, faculty and staff in improving the university environment.

 All services provided by the Counseling Center will be FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.


To assess, provide support for, and monitor the mental health concerns of all students, faculty and staff.

To provide for students, faculty and staff a wide range of SERVICES including:

  1. individualized counseling
  2. individual career counseling
  3. group counseling
  4. consultation services
  5. limited testing services

To refer to and work in conjunction with outside professionals when the need arises.

To assist clients in identifying and learning skills that will assist them in effectively meeting their educational and life goals through the use of the services offered by the center; referrals to other university sources (i.e., the Learning Resource Center, University support groups); and by making available to clients a wide variety of materials and resources for their own use.

Help IS available. Whatever your concern, we are here to assist you in finding a solution. If you feel you are getting nowhere or don't know where to turn, stop by and see a member of the counseling staff. Having someone who will listen to your concerns and offer advice can, in some instances, prevent a situation from developing into a crisis. Remember, all discussions will be kept completely confidential so feel free to talk about any and all concerns or issues you may have.