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Signs of Distress

  • social isolation, withdrawal, lethargy (not usual for the individual);
  • inability to focus, concentrate;
  • disorganized thinking and speaking, inappropriate or flat affect;
  • violent outbursts, sudden mood swings;
  • nervousness, agitation, excessive worry, irritability, or aggressiveness;
  • signs of excessive alcohol or drug use;
  • expressions of general unhappiness over a period of several days or weeks;
  • frequent absences not due to illness;
  • gain or loss of a significant amount of weight;
  • lack of personal hygiene;
  • increased dependence on others;
  • expression of irrational fears, thoughts;
  • marked decline in quality of course or other work;
  • bizarre or strange behavior, speech, or writing;
  • ANY mention (direct or indirect) of suicidal thoughts or plans.