Frequently Asked Questions

Preventing Completed Quiz Display

Can students see completed quizzes? Or, how can I prevent students from seeing Quiz answers after they take a Quiz?

You can allow (or disallow) students to see their answers after completing a quiz. To enable this option:

  1. Go to the Quizzes  and click on the appropriate quiz name
  2. Under the Properties tab, General, make sure the Automatic Grade (allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion) checkbox is checked and click Save Quiz
  3. Click the Submission Views tab
  4. Click on the default view link. Under View Details:
    • The No option is selected by default, leave to No if you do not want the quiz questions and answers to be seen after the quiz is submitted
  5. If you want students to see the quiz questions and answers after the quiz is submitted select the Yes option and all corresponding sub details
  6. Next to Statistics: select the checkbox (you can select both) if you want the quiz statistics to be seen
  7. Click the Save View button and then go under the Properties tab and click Save Quiz
  8. NOTE: if you wish to release correct answers at a later date then do not select the Yes option. Instead:
    • Click the Add Additional View button located under the "Submission Views" tab
    • Select the date you wish
    • Select the options you want
    • Click the Save button
  9. If you only want the correct answers available for a limited time then create another additional view, select the date and appropriate options and then click the Save button.

Published: 04/16/2010    Updated: 04/19/2010