Frequently Asked Questions

Creating Grade Items

How do I create Grade Items?

  1. Click on Grades.
  2. Click on Manage Grades under the Grades Area (left side of screen).
  3. Click on New Itemnew Item
  4. Click on the Grade Item Type you want to use. (Depending on which Grade Item Type you choose the following steps may be slightly different. We will use the most common grade item type: Numeric.)
  5. Grade PropertiesEnter a name for the Grade Item.  This will be displayed to the students.
  6. (Optional): Enter a Short Name, which is only visible to you and makes it easier to view the grade items during manual grading.
  7. (Optional): Select the drop down for Category.
    • If you need to create a new Category:
      • Click on New Category.
      • Enter a name for the category.
  8. Enter the Max Points for the grade item.
  9. (Optional): Check the Can Exceed checkbox if you want the grade to be higher than the Max Points.
  10. (Optional): Check the Bonus checkbox allows you to assign a grade item as extra credit item. If you want them to be able to exceed the Max Points then you need to follow the directions in step 9
  11. (Optional): Check the Exclude from Final grade Calculation if you don't want the grade item calculated in the final grade.
  12. You can leave the Grade Scheme as it is unless you want to use a different one for this grade item.  Then you just choose the one you want to use.
  13. If you want information on Display options use the information below under Display Options.
  14. Click on Save and New if you want to create more grade items or Click on Save if you are done creating grade items.

Display Options

  • Display OptionsCheck the Display class average to users: this will display the class average to the student
  • Check the Display grade distribution to users: this will display the grade distribution of the class to the user as a graph.
  • Check the Override display options for this item: This allows you to modify the display options for this grade item by unchecking the items below it. If the items below are uncheck then they are not visible.
    • Point grade
    • Grade scheme symbol
    • Grade scheme color

Published: 04/19/2010    Updated: 03/27/2013