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Adding and Dropping Students from a Course

How do I add/drop a student to my course?

Student enrollment (new adds ONLY) will be processed between Datatel/ WebAdvisor & the D2L system daily, until the add/drop period has ended. This means that you don’t need to “add” students to your D2L course/s. However, you will need to compare the WebAdvisor roster - “master” list to your Classlist in D2L, prior to sending email from your D2L course. Also, you will need to remove students (drops/changes) who no longer are enrolled in your course sections. Please see the instructions for “Dropping Existing Users from a Course” - below. Drops or section changes in Datatel/WebAdvisor are not synced with the D2L system.

Adding & Dropping Existing Users - PDF (with screenshots)

Adding Existing User to a Course (a user with an account in the D2L system)

  1. In your course, on the Course Navigation Bar, click on Classlist
  2. Add ParticipantsClick on Add Participant
  3. On the "Add Participants" screen, click on the link - "Add an existing user"
  4. On the "Add Existing participant" screen, check the box for "Send Enrollment email"
  5. In the "Search for:" box, type the last name, first name, OR Org Defined ID (7 digit Datatel ID#), and click on Search.
    Adding Participant
  6. Check the box associated with the correct user, and "Select a Role" in the drop down box.
  7. Click on "Enroll Selected Users"
    Enrolling Student

You should see a Confirmation of Enrollment page that lists the users that were successfully enrolled.

Dropping an Existing User from a Course (a student who appears in your D2L Classlist)

  1. In your course, on the Course Navigation Bar, click on Classlist
  2. Check the box associated with the student that you would like to "unenroll" from your Classlist.
  3. Click the icon that looks like a snowman.
  4. Select "Yes" to the question – "You have selected to unenroll one or more users."

Un-enrolling Participant

Published: 04/20/2010    Updated: 03/27/2013