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View User Progress

How can I see how often a student is participating?

To view how often a student participates in Desire2Learn, click on the Classlist link after choosing course you need view.

Under the Actions heading, click on the progress circlefor the student you need to view.


Inside the User Progress page, you can choose which tool you want to view and click Apply.

 Progress Selection

You can see when the last time the student logged in.

 Login Summary

Based on the tool you’ve chosen, you are also given a summary and detailed description showing how many times someone used the tool and which items they used it for.

In this example you can see how many times this student wrote a discussion topic and how often they read one.

 Discussion Summary

To see which Discussion topics this person participated in, you can use the detailed view.

Discussion Details

Published: 05/03/2010    Updated: 03/28/2013