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Campus Pack by Learning Objects – Journal, Blogs, Podcasts, or Wikis

Are there journals, blogs, podcasts or wikis in D2L?

We have integrated the Campus Pack by Learning Objects with Desire2Learn to deliver the tools that you once had in Blackboard that weren't included in our new Learning Management System (LMS).

The following Web 2.0 tools are now available via integration with the CampusPack server:


Wikis allow students to work together to build knowledge bases, synthesize research, write papers, and present projects.


Blogs give students an audience for their writing, encouraging thoughtfulness and clarity and enabling learning through online debate, peer modeling, and peer review.


Journals engage students in reflective writing in a private space, and they can be used to track activities and progress over time.


Podcasts facilitate learning-on-the-go and can be used to disseminate language lessons, recorded lectures, and video and audio supplemental course material. Podcast episodes can be posted by both instructors and students, and threaded commenting allows participants to discuss the works within the same podcast site.

Note: D2L does have a tool called Journals, but it should have been called "Personal Notes" because they don't provide an option to share the journal entries with the instructor or other students in a course. Also, D2L has a Blog tool, but it cannot be setup for blogging in a course. It's an institution blog, and could be used like the institution discussion board in Bb.

The CampusPack tools can be added to your courses using Quicklinks or by using a Widget. Here are the steps to add a Quicklink.

Published: 06/21/2010    Updated: 03/27/2013